Barilla Sustainable Farming

Barilla wishes to engage Faculty to run a scientific research project named “Barilla Sustainable Farming” as fully described herein. Faculty is agreeable to collaborate with Barilla in this project running the requested activities on the terms hereinafter described.

"Good for You, Good for the Planet" is the way in which our every daily activity is carried out in a responsible way from the field to the persons, in respect of the ecosystem and the communities in which we operate, in close cooperation with our suppliers.

A proper farming techniques, based on the rotation of cereals with other crops, combined with a more informed use of technical inputs (such as fertilizers and tillage etc.), it is possible to produce a high quality durum wheat with a lower environmental footprint, increasing at the same time, the profit margin of farmers. Barilla Sustainable Farming: promotes more efficient cropping systems in order to obtain safe and high quality agricultural products protecting and improving the environment and the social and economic conditions of farmers.

Every choice has economic, environmental and agronomic consequences. A multidisciplinary team (agronomic experts, environmental experts, end users, buyers) with the collaboration of farmers, will work to individuate what are points for improvement for the durum wheat cultivation.

This Project will be conducted within a manifesto numbered 2007/1 “The manifesto” regarding to principles and procedures for joint research and development projects between Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Agriculture and other establishment which is enacted by publishing in Official Gazette on 17 Jan., 2007 and numbered as 26406.

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